Concert Music

Jubilee - In Memoriam for 2 violins and tape

Jubilee - In Memoriam
for 2 violins and tape

Commissioned by Sigune von Osten and PARKmusik. Performed by Sarah Saviet and Avigail Bushakevitz. Live recording of the premiere.

Whale Song for orchestra

Commissioned and performed by WDR Funkhausorchester.                                                                  Recording of the premiere in April 2022, conducted by Frank Strobel.

Mon rêve familier for singing cellist

performed by Janina Ruh and released on her Album Mon rêve familier

...est un fleuve tranquille for violin solo

performed by Samira Spiegel and released on her album Inspired by Bach.

Von Windfarben und leisen Geburten for large ensemble

commissioned by Deutschlandfunk, performed by ensemble 20/21 conducted by David Smeyers

Orfeo Reflections for mezzo, electronic harp and chamber orchestra

Feature-length reinterpretation of Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice commissioned by the internationally reknowned classic festival Kissinger Sommer. Excerpts of a live recording with the original cast. Lena Belkina (Mezzo), Lucie Delhaye (harp and live electronics), Kammerorchester Bad Brückenau conducted by Andrea Sanguineti

List of concert works



  • And if I do – violin and piano (1 person)

  • …est un fleuve tranquille – violin solo

  • The pursuit of beauty – piano solo

  • mon rêve familier – singing cellist or singer and cello

  • Ins Weite – cello solo

  • Mondschein-Widerschein – quasi una fantasia for piano


  • Jubilee – In Memoriam – two violins plus tape
  • Baki Alami – clarinet and piano
  • Fantasia – two violins
  • Intimacy – violin and piano
  • Thar – alto saxophone and piano
  • Into the abyss – harp and cello (both with live electronics)


  • Tableaux – clarinet, violin and cello
  • Ghostbird – clarinet, violin and piano
  • Eyes closed – alto saxophone, trombone and harp
  • fever – clarinet, viola and cello


  • through a bell I hear your voice – violin, fiddle, harp and clàrsach
  • Idumea revisited – string quartet
  • whereto – saxophone quartet

Large ensemble

  • Orfeo Reflections – mezzo, hrp. (+ live electronics), 6 vlns, 2 vlas, 2 vc, 1 db, playback
  • haunted chambers
  • Ins Freie
  • Von Windfarben und leisen Geburten
  • Once I sat and listened – southasian and western instruments
  • r1o9n6d8o


  • Whale Song
  • Phasen
  • …and see the flaming skies
  • they shall have stars at elbow and foot